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2015-01-18 22:53:53 by Stormclou

Hey, Newgrounds. I've been a wallflower for years. Finally decided to make an account.
I am going to use this site to start a new digital art portfolio from scratch. I'll try to crank out one fully colored piece per day, but I'm not making any promises, paid work has to come first what with bills and all.
My first couple pieces will be my Profile picture and icon, but I'll post it in an Art post first.

A little about me, or whatever:
I'm a graphic designer, I mostly do concept art and storyboards. I hate doing background art. HATE. Fucking scenery.
My vocabulary is NSFW. Sue me.
I'm here to meet cool artists, play cool games, and find other cool stuff.
If you want to add me as a friend, thats awesome, go ahead, just don't steal my shit. I will hunt your ass down.
I'm a pretty big fan of music. I'm always on Pandora or Slacker. I like synth pop, shoegaze, and indie pop. Ladytron is wonderful chill music.

My first few art peices will most likely my illustrated versions of me.
I will probably open up commissions at some point.


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